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Exercising is good for you. No matter how many times you may have heard this statement, many people don’t exercise. Finding the motivation or new ways to make workouts fun can be a challenge.  Summer is a great time to start exercising and getting into shape, but if heading to the gym is not your cup of tea, head outdoors for a hike along some of Covina, California’s best hiking trails. Castellanos Family Practice recommends these 5 trails.

5 Best Hiking Trails

1.)Sturtevant Falls

Escape the busy sounds of the city and take a leisurely hike through an enchanted portion of the San Gabriel Mountains for a breath-taking view of the fifty foot Sturtevant waterfall in Pasadena, California.  The hiking trail from Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Falls has become very popular since the 1900s. This easy 3.7 mile trail is perfect for anyone new to hiking near Covina, CA.

2.)Eaton Canyon

This trail is great for casual hikers, and can get crowded on the weekends but is well worth the hike to see the wildflowers carpet the lower portions of the canyon floor. The family-friendly trail is less than a four mile hike to a forty foot waterfall. There’s also a Nature Center that sits at the trailhead, featuring great exhibits and many free presentations for those who are interested.

3.)Turnbull Canyon

Filled with beautiful, scenic views, the Turnbull Canyon trail is located in Rose Hills Memorial Park near Whittier, California and is 4.3 miles long.  The trail is accessible year round and can be used by both dogs and horses.

4.)Michael D. Antonovich Trail

Just 15 minutes up the road to San Dimas, California you’ll find this 4.2 mile trail in Loma Vista Park.  The trail offers hikes a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

5.)Steep Canyon Trailhead

The Steep Canyon Trail in Diamond Bar, California is one of the shorter trails on the list, at just 1.6 miles long. Located in Panrera Park you can go for a nice hike, walk or trail run with your dog (must be kept on leash) all year-round.

If you’re planning to hit the trails this summer for an adventure or a workout, pack plenty of water and check for trail safety guidelines. 

*Due to the recent brush fires that have swept across areas of the California be sure to check for potential trail closures.  

Best Trails for Summer Hiking Near Covina, CA