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“Tis the season to be asthma free.”  Well those may not be the exact words to the familiar holiday tune, but it’s something that can resonate with millions of Americans who have asthma.  During the winter months, people with asthma are faced with two primary challenges that increase their risk of an asthma attack more often than in the summer. Both the cooler temperatures and having to stay indoors more often due to colder weather are the primary challenges faced by those with upper respiratory conditions. Many asthma triggers can be found indoors, so if you have asthma, it’s very important that you take proper precaution during the winter season to avoid them.

Winter weather can often cause asthma symptoms to become worse. Castellanos Family Practice in Covina, California is offering five tips to help you better control your asthma throughout the winter.

  1. Asthma Action Plan. If you have an existing asthma action plan, you should set an appointment with your doctor to review and update it as needed. Creating and keeping an up-to-date action plan is important no matter what season. Action plans help you and others know what to do in the event that you start to experience asthma symptoms.
  2. Check your medications.  Always keep your prescriptions for asthma medications filled.  Be sure to periodically check your rescue inhaler’s expiration date. Work with your primary care physician or pulmonary specialist to create the best treatment plan and stick to regularly scheduled checkups.  Any time you notice a change in controlling your asthma symptoms with medication, schedule an appointment to see your doctor.
  3. Avoid asthma flare ups with preventative medication.  Taking a preventative dose of asthma medicine before strenuous activities or heading out into the cold air can help reduce your chances of an asthma attack. Taking your asthma medicine before activity will help to open your airways and relax the muscles around your airways. It’s important to take all medicine as prescribed by your doctor, especially asthma medication. If you’re taking a daily asthma medication to help protect against asthma flare ups, you should continue doing so and talk with your doctor about when a rescue inhaler is needed. 
  4. Wash your hands.  Washing your hands regularly with soap and water is the best way to avoid spreading germs and catching a cold or flu viruses.
  5. Replace air filters.  You should replace the air filters in your car and home to make sure that no dust or debris is blown out.  By not replacing the air filters regularly dust, pollen and other debris can be released into your home, triggering an asthma attack.

Keeping your asthma symptoms under control during the winter will take a lot of effort, but if you follow these five tips and work with your doctor, you can make it through the season.

Get control of your asthma all year long with the help of Castellanos Family Practice.  If you or someone you know has trouble managing asthma triggers during the winter, Castellanos Family Practice is ready to help you get control over your asthma.  Contact our office today at (626)915-9992 to schedule an appointment. 

5 Easy Ways to Control Asthma this Winter!